Physical Branded Experiences

I earned a Bachelor of Science, Industrial Design Degree from Philadelphia University in 2001.  From 2001-2008 I designed physical/3D branded experiences.   Most recently, I returned to my spatial roots when I joined QVC (Qurate Retail Group) as the Creative Director responsible for the Scenic and Environmental Brand Team.  This is a page dedicated to showcase those successful projects.

QVC Rebrand Launch, February 2019

New QVC logo rationale

The Square
The perfectly balanced shape represents the frame through which she experiences the world of QVC.

The Circle
The curvature of the letterform implies a natural flow of conversation, and the feeling of completeness.

The Line
The organic descender functions literally as “handle” of the magnifying glass, and conceptually as an open door.

The Mark
The shapes combine to form a confident, polished juxtaposition.

The story of the new Q

Once employee’s and visitors clear security in the main lobby, they greeted by an interior, branded, installation that explains the design rationale behind the new and improved QVC logo.   This story culminated with a social activation, a photo moment where employee’s and visitors were encouraged to join the brand team by embracing the new logo.   People interested in participating step inside a dimensional Q logo, a portal to harness support for the new brand and shift in working paradigms.

More Images

Below are photo’s from successfully completed projects that require additional layout and content to integrate within this website.

QVC Studio Park, Branded Interior Activations

Beauty Bash @thefilmore, Philadelphia, 2019

Featured Projects

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